Experimenting With Podcasts: Stress Culture at Georgetown

I wrote and produced my podcast in response to a recent article written by a fellow Georgetown student, Sydney Jean Gottfried. She wrote a piece for Huffington Post College titled, “Is ‘Sleep When You’re Dead’ Georgetown’s Unofficial Motto?” The piece examined stress culture, extracurricular involvement and sleep habits on campus, and the verdict wasn’t good. Gottfried’s article was in part a response to a film posted by Georgetown students in 2014 called, “Sleep When You’re Dead.” This podcast analyzes the contents of both the article and the film, and proposes some solutions for the problem.

Link to Podcast: Stress Culture At Georgetown

In regards to my overall podcast experience, I found myself struggling to use Audacity at first due to its foreignness. I made sure to use some of Shannon Green’s podcast tips like recording under a blanket. I found myself having to repeat several lines of my script multiple times to avoid error or mispronunciations, and despite my efforts, I still found a few words during the editing process that I wish sounded better. This goes to show the challenges of recording a great podcast, let alone editing one.

I found supporting audio to add to the beginning as sort of a lead-in to the podcast, courtesy of a Georgetown University video whose audio I downloaded through a Youtube converter. I also used a quote by President DeGioia explaining the “Georgetown experience” and the university’s expectations for greatness from both students and faculty.

Overall, making this podcast was challenging but rewarding, and I hope to further explore this field of journalism in the future.


Author: An Exploration Into the World of Digital News (JOUR 200)

Sophomore in the College @ Georgetown University, aspiring journalist. Interested in politics and fashion. Portland, originally.

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