Dorm Construction Inconveniences Students

VIDEO: Dorm Construction Inconveniences Students (courtesy of Claire Schansinger) 

Photo courtesy of The Hoya

The construction of Georgetown’s newest residence hall is still underway, and it is negatively impacting the lives of many students on campus. The Northeast Triangle Residence Hall, tucked in between Henle Village and the Reiss Science and Math Building, is the product of Georgetown University’s 2010 Campus Plan, which increased the number of years students must live on-campus from two years to three.

Photo courtesy of The Hoya: 4E

The Northeast Triangle will help give the University the necessary space to house the additional students, but its construction has proved to be a major inconvenience, especially for individuals living or taking classes in the northern part of campus.

The construction has blocked-off a major pathway that leads to Red Square and the Intercultural Center, where many students congregate for class or to socialize. By cutting off the pathway that normally weaves just behind Reiss and feeds into the entryway of Red Square, pedestrians now must navigate through a maze of chain-link fencing alongside the Leavey Center, which adds at least five minutes to the original route from the north-side of campus.

“It’s so annoying. I have so many classes in the [Intercultural Center] and it just takes forever to get there. And then anytime I want to go to M Street, I have to walk all the way around instead of walking down the stairs and right through the pathway,” said Maggie Chauette, a current student.

Earlier this semester, the construction caused a malfunction in the heat exchanger that supplies hot water to Henle Village, resulting in a hot water shortage. The University advised students to shower at “off-peak times.”

“I didn’t take a hot shower for two whole weeks,” said Harshita Gaba, a resident of Henle Village.

Considering the grievances at hand, the conclusion of the construction process, scheduled for this summer, will perhaps bring just as much joy to campus as the new residence hall itself.


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